Beauty Expressed in Colours

by Lara Bella Vella Baldacchino


Ms. Lara Bella was the Make-up Artist on the short film "Absence of Proof" produced as a New York Film Academy student production.

As a make-up artist, Ms Lara Bella lived up to the highest expectations possible. Her detailed eye for perfection gave "Absence of Proof" exactly the look we were aiming for. 

I will at any time recommend Ms Lara Bella on set. She has a positive effect on the crew as for the production value in general.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me  

Jakob A. Albeck

Producer for Absence of Proof

Copenhagen/ Hollywood 


Lara Bella Vella was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, organized and talented. She has a lot of knowledge about skin care, which it was interesting and helpful that she was able to give me some good skin care advice while applying very beautiful and glamorous makeup. She did a great job on my makeup, it was just the look I had hoped for. I recommend for everyone to work with Lara. She is very prompt, nice and professional and her makeup skills are amazing. Her make-up supplies were very professional, sanitary and organised and she has a very pleasant and sweet personality. 


Rena Riffel

Red Carpet Event, Hollywood California 2010


"Even though we met for the first time at 6.30 a.m. on a Sunday morning you managed a smile (unlike me!) and you got down to the job immediately, professionally, with great attitude and attention to detail.

In short, it was great working with you on the video  We can't wait to see the result on film but from the stills its already looking amazing  Thanks a million! " 

Tim Ellis

Music Video STALKO 


 I was first introduced to Lara Bella through a mutual colleague, my producer Jakob Albeck. As a make-up artist on the set of our film shot at the New York film academy in Universal Studios, Lara Bella has proven herself to be a remarkably talented, confident lady.

I have been consistently impressed with Lara's attitude to breakdown the script and tell you what is needed as for Hair and Makeup as the Key Makeup artist, even the productivity during the time on set. I was amazed at the ease with which Lara can fulfill a variety of tasks. She has worked for me not only as a makeup artist, but also assisted with the production in various ways. She was one of the first on the set and the last to leave. Not once have I seen Lara become overwhelmed by a given task or assignment. She has shown her ability to digest large volumes of information without being overwhelmed. Rather, her patience and understanding makes for a great personality and her talent is undeniable. Ms Bella has demonstrated the ability to articulate information and ideas in both the verbal and written forms, and provide the talent to match it. She is willing to take risksI particularly appriciate Lara's willingness to take initiative and bold steps to apply her art in a creative manner. 

I recommend Lara without reservations and I am confident that she will establish productive relationships with your crew and be a great addition as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any need for additional information about this outstanding Lady. 


Omar Ashmawey

Director "Absence of Proof" Hollywood California

(248) 250-4759 


Hi Lara,


I’ve caught your show on HBO.  Great job J  I wish they had given you screen credit however!  How is everything else going?




Lee Joyner

Director of Admissions

Cinema Makeup School


1-213-739-0819 (FAX) 


Hi Lara! The course was really great with relative information towards all aspects of beauty. Make-up lessons were very interesting especially because individual attention was given. The course could be a bit longer, so more detail can be given. On the whole very well done and very well organized. The notes helped a lot especially since we can refer to them in the future.


Abigail Spiteri 


Hi, Miss !!! It's Gabriella !! A big thanks miss for all you taught us during this course. I really enjoyed each and every lesson. Actually the practical lessons are the ones I loved the most!! I am really sorry that I could not attend for the last lesson and when we all met up but I had rehersals for a Concert. Thanks for everything and seriously KEEP IT UP! With your effort and commitment I really started taking care of myself and my skin, well and everything you taught me and to apply it on my sister and mum! :p Thanks for everything!!


Gabriella Farrugia


I thought the beauty course was very well rounded & it was free from the usual product promotion that one usually finds in such courses, where usually the only course aim would be not to help the student but to make them purchase tonnes of product. Lara was very patient with us, answering to all our questions - even via emails (& in a blazing short time!). She was always positive & made the lessons tonnes of fun to attend :D & the course pace was good for beginners! Definitely will recommend the course to friends!


Stefania Barbara 


This was my first time that I attended to one of these courses and I found this one very interesting and inspiring also helpful with a lot of thing about myself. I would definitely tell loads of other people to take these courses with you as I am very interested in learning more about different types of make-up techniques and beauty care products.

Student 22/March/2011 


Thanks a million for the knowledge you gave me during this time we had together in this course. Well done for your wonderful character that you have. Thankyou for the new updates i learnt from you in the Beauty sector. You are really good in teaching and to commit us and make each and every lesson enjoyable. Good luck for everything and hope that you will continue with your success!!



The course we had was really interesting and I found the makeup lessons really helpful, because we have much more time to practise with individual attention. The rest of the lessons were very helpful with knowledge that can be usedd for a lifetime. I would not change anything in this course and the Teacher was soo helpful.

Thanks lara,

Student Michelle Baldacchino 


Dear Lara, May i take this opportunity to thank you. Needless to say that a woman needs courses such as this to furthur enhance one's knowledge, feel better and look younger. During this course one can also learn about the skin and many other things such as application of makeup, manicures, etc.. The reason i am enjoying this course is because you give down to earth explanations and useful information that makes us beginners completely understand and feel fully integrated in the subject. Hands on participation accompanied by user friendly notes makes this course more and more friendly.

All in all Lara i wish to thankyou again and look forward for the coming lessons with enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Maryann Caruana  


 I just wanted to say thankyou Lara once again for all your awesome work, last Thursday on the Shinedown Rockband Video (IMDB). Everyone was BLOWN away by the makeup and hair! I've been looking over the footage and you will be very pleased with yourself! As soon the video is out and I'll send you the link! ;) 

Once again, thankyou, thankyou thankyou! We would not have been able to pull off such a polished look without each and everyone of you! Your creativity, skill and enthusiasm for the project was greatly appriciated!

All the best

Hannah Lux Davis

Director Hollywood California



 Dear Lara, i would like to thankyou for making the Beauty Care Course really interesting. I am enjoying the course since it includes a very good background on how to make the best of your looks. Infact all topics included in this course are really helpful to lead us into a healthy lifestyle, in which mainly includes: Skin care, manicures & Pedicures, Waxing, Makeup and nutrition. I like the professional way in which you deliver the course in both theoretical and practical sessions.Also i am already experimenting at home from what we learnt!

Wish you all the best in your career!

Best Regards

Tennerly Bianco


Dear Lara I have just finished reading your general idea about hollywood you gave us, so far and found it interesting. I am glad that you are following your dream and I hope that it will be an unforgettable experience for you. Even though it is costing you a fortune, on the long run you will be profiting as a person, enriching your CV and bringing what you are learning back to your Saloon in MAlta and to your students. Alexandra and I are making it a point never to go out without any makeup, and it is making a BIG difference to us. When i am in a hurry i still manage to use basic items to enhance my looks. It is all thanks to the course we attended where you were such a good teacher. We both wish you all the very best while you are still in Hollywood and also when you return. Hopefully we will manage to meet again, perhaps in an advanced beauty care course!!

Best Regards 

Nathalie and Alexandra 


Hello Lara, Hope you're fine, well i'm enjoying this course very very much because though it's basic it is very intersting. It helps with everyday life and to tell you the truth my self esteem seems to be going a little bit higher because i am proud of myself that i am so looking forward in going to the lessons. This course is helping me be more aware and finally i know which products and when i have to use them. Before when i used to go to a Pharmacy to buy a toner, moisturizer etc.. i used to tell the pharmacist to write down numbers, which is first and second to use. Well now not only i know which is which but i also know why i have to use it and what is it for.  As i work outside and now i can feel my skin smoother. Also its good to get to know a little about skin cancers, skin diseases and disorders.

This course is so good, but with you Lara is even brilliant , the way you explain things, its magic, I understand alot during the lessons, you have a lot of patience. you really are THE BEST .

Thanks Annabelle Sammut Sarreo


 Hi Lara, my friend Rita asked me to go with her to a beauty care course organized by the education department. I wasn't expecting anything special as i had just spent 5years, attending a morning art course, and i thought i knew what to expect. But i was very wrong, after the first lesson with Lara i knew this course was very professional. Thanks to Lara, i would like to thankyou LARA for being so dedicated and professional. The level of respect you have for everyone and the will to teach is something many teachers can learn from. I wish you all the best in the world, and Lara be proud of who you are, you are so down to earth although you know so much and you want to teach not keep what you know for yourself. Hope as time goes on you will stay this way!

Thanks for everything you teach us,

Audrey Pace


This is my first time attending a beauty course and i find it very interesting. i am learning new things and new ways to keep myself healthy and look at my best. i always look forward for the beauty lessons as they are relaxing and full of interesting information. I'm being more aware on how to take care of myself because now i know how to, thanks to the professional lessons i'm taking. The lesson is well planned and organised. I like the practical lessons in which lara finds time to talk to us in our individual needs and difficulties. The fact that Lara Gets to our personal questions and difficulties makes me more comfortable and enjoy the lesson more as i have hands on experience which i remember more. Thanks a lot for the way you make the lesson, keep it up!

Stephanie Ann Mizzi


I am really enjoying the beauty lessons course. They are very interesting and delivered in a very professional way. The course notes are student friendly and well set. I really look forward for the next lessons as they sound to be very interesting too!

Erica Medati


Dear Ms Vella Baldacchino,

It is the seventh lesson i am attending the Beauty Care course and i have to say i am enjoying myself very much and look forward for each and every lesson. I find the lessons stimulating and at the same time relaxing; practical sessions are always fun. Lessons are delivered in an orderly manner and show how dedicated you are. All in all it is a very interesting course which helps you make the best of your looks no matter what shape or age you are.

Lara Azzopardi   


Hi Lara, L ewwel haga nixtieq nerga nirringrazzjak talli offrejt minn jgheddek li taghmel lezzjoni zejda ghalina, li bxi tip ta misunderstanding bdejna il kors tard permezz ta dik il lezzjoni hassejtni tdhalt ma l ohrajn u ma bqajtx daqstant mitlufa. Ghogobni il fatt li tajtna notes dettaljati dwar is suggett u naqraw minnhom ukoll waqt il lezzjoni stess. Jghogobni kif l ewwel tispjega, imbghad naqraw in notes u terga tispjega sakemm nifhmu is suggett. Thanks li tirrispondi l mistoqsijiet meta insaqsuk, u li issib cans taghtina pariri b' mod personali u mhux tibqa' ingenerali. Dan jghinna biex il kors iservina ghalina personali u mhux inkunu nafu biss teorija. Sfortunatament bhalissa ma tantx qed ikolli cans naqra n-noti imma issa l ftit li naqra, permezz ta' l-istampi jghin ukoll li tifhem ahjar dak li jkun hemm miktub. Fuq nota personali nixtieq nawguralek ghall-kompetizjoni li diehla ghaliha...jekk xejn isservik ta esperjenza ma' li diga ghandek proset hafna tax-xoghol li taghmel specjalment il- 'body paint' li taghmel...veru faqa'


Mariza Tabone 


 Firstly i must thankyou for making the course a really interesting one and also for being so well prepared. You have given us a very good background on Skin care and lots of extra knowledge which we would not have known just by learning basic application of makeup.

i like the way you explain and make us participate, and also answer our quries, sometimes even more than once, when we ask differently, depending on our requirements. The way you re-cap before moving us to the next lesson and keeping us focused into the next step is perfect.

From this course i have definately learnt how to take care of my face much better, going through the everyday routine Cleanse, Tone, moisturize - and of course the weekly massage, scrub, mask and feel good effect then after!

Really appriciate you bring all the various types of products for us to see and use hands on, to know the texture and how it feels on the skin.

 Also i enjoyed the way you made us pamper our hands and feet and treat them to feel special too-end result lovely soft hands, nails shaped and polished and pretty feet with bright nail polish to show off in high heels!

 I want to wish you all the very best of luck in your new job in Hollywood and i am sure you will make so many people look, feel good and confident.

Keep the lovely smile and the charming friendly you.

Its been really great having you as a teacher and now also as a dear friend.

with warm wishes

Caroline Caruana


A very interesting course. Thankyou Lara, we are now able to take good care of ourselves. Lessons were very organised and very good explained. Also the practicals were very helpful for us to fully understand the topics. You did a great job teaching us. It was fun and we all looked forward to come every friday :) Good luck and we hope to see you sometimes. Thankyou again

Marlene, Elaine and Edith Borg


i am attending a course organised by the Education Department and i have attended 8 lessons so far. i find the lessons very interesting , highly informative and enjoyable. The lessons are held in a friendly, casual atmosphere, but are very well prepared. OUr teacher is very patient, always ready to answer any questions and encourages full participation of each student. I will be disappointed when these lessons come to an end and i would be very interested in some kind of follow up course on the same subject.


Nathalie Ellul


 I would like to congratulate myself with you Lara,for your patience and ability to teach us new things related to beauty care.It is really evident how professional you are in the way you know your subject and through your love and passion to deliver your knowledge to us students.

The Beauty course has been, not only very interesting, but really helpful in different aspects. However it is so vast, that having more lessons on each topic would make it more interesting. Infact I hope another course will follow because i will be the first one to apply and attend.

Thanks for all your dedication and support.



Lara bella vella is the sexiest thing that has two feet and moves on the planet. I will tell it to the whole world because it is the truth.

Tarig Zbida


hi lara , i am rita the one that lived  in Australia and now in Malta. Iam interested in trying to improve myself totally to boost up my incentive to loose weight, take care of myself and wellbeing. ibelive and always did courses to always be positive , usemy imagination in a very positive way to overcome my bad moods and bad times as you know it is not always easy. I hada look at your web page and found that you are very creative and artistic.

I was very impressed with what you taught us but also with your image and presentation. The way you do your makeup, hairand dress.. congratulations to all your achievements in where you are in your life at such a young age..youare a very mature person.

Iam looking forward to your classes

Rita Schembri


Good Morning Lara, First of all i would like to thankyou for being our beauty teacher for the past weeks. i can assure you that we benefitted alot as it is a very detailed course. Keep up your good work and your passion for BEAUTY!!! Excellent!

Secondly i would like to thankyou for offering us to be part of your club. Very nice of you. Thanks! Take care and have a nice day!

See you this eve, Anna Spiteri


We would like to thankyou for the wonderful lessons you have given us. All your lessons were very nice. Even when you said that the first lessons where a little hard and boring,you still made them enjoyable and interesting. Great way of answering all our questions and solving difficulties we might have had. Keep up your ambition and hard work. Good luck for your future.

Carol and Marisa Gauci


 hi lara first of all i wish you a very good luck. yes i really find it useful and is helping me alot in my daily routine. i wisha that i can be a little bit long and be more in detail. i am going to miss you alot and hope that i will see you soon.
 keep in touch
helenia camileri 
 best wishes ..


Nispera li ghandek kollox preparat u ipprova tinzilx bxi amerikan! Ha nimmisja habiba li dejjem tridli il gid!

Take care Lara



Good evening Lara, my daughter Maria and myself have been attending the Beauty Care classes for these last few weeks. Our intention was that we would learn how to take better care of ourselves and at the same time make ourselves beautiful!! Your meticulous notes and highly interesting talks gave us a very good insgiht of how our bodies work and therefore enabled us to understand what is best for it. You gladly shared your knowledge with us and this made me realize what a truly professional outlook you have to the whole aspect of beauty care and makeup.

Maria and I loved the practical sessions and are really looking forward for the rest of the classes.

Kind Regards

Muriel and Maria Piscopo


I would like to Thank you for all your patience, and say that I enjoyed
attending your course, found it useful and interesting, with the result of a
smoother complexion and lady like hands. I would also like to say that I was impressed by the way you never critisize or make any one feel bad when they don't read thier notes or remember things you ask them, but are always very prompt to praise anyone who does. I enjoyed all your courses and kept on using the information I learnt at home! I intend to keep on learning and updating myself from the internet as you suggested. Thanks!

Patricia Zammit

hope you're ok, well those wonderful photos you've got make you seem great :) keep them up eh ;) and keep up your amazing makeup work... so proud of youuuu!!! ;)
hope to see you soon,

Rose marie Vella


Hi Lara,
I am really proud of you and Martinique was amazed to what you can do with make up when I showed her
your web site.
 am sure it must be financially difficult for you to get through all
this but I am sure that someday it will pay back.
One thing I would like to  keep in touch with me with all your
whereabouts, I simply love what make up artists can do , and how make up
can change a person completely.  I cant take over your job can I?  But
keep me posted because I love to hear all about it.
Believe me prosit u prosit. Cant believe what my niece can do.  What
creativity, il vera brava.Rest assured I will let everyone know what my niece can do, dont worry!
Hu hsieb and once again keep in touch and very big good luck.

Dorianne Vella B.

 Dear Ms Vella Baldacchino,


Me and my sister attending Beauty Care course with Lara Bella Vella Baldacchino. We already had few lessons and we can say that the material is really interesting and enjoyable.The teacher is very patient and make us understand very well the lesson as she speaks in English as we are the only foreigners in the group and we do not understand the local language. We want to thankyou for the friendly atmosphere and to tell you that we are looking forward to every new lesson.

Yoanna and Kristina Hristovi



Il- kors kien interessanti hafna u ghogobni. Xtaqt li kieku kellna iktar lezzjonijiet fuq il- makeup. Thankyou u Prosit

Claire Azzopardi



Hi Lara, Just a short note to tell you how much i enjoyed attending the beauty course and how much i have learnt from every topic that was presented by your expert training and guidance. I have now realized that i need to appriciate more the functions of the human body and became more conscious on how to take care of it properly. Thankyou for your teaching and patience and all the worthy hints that you have given me throughout the course. May i take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck for your future aspirations and career.

Best regards Maria Fleri Soler


Hadt hafna gost f'dan il course ghaliex kien ta interess personali u tghallimt hafna kif niehu hsieb lili innifsi aktar. Proset ghax kien informattiv hafna Grazzi ghal Miss Thanks . Take Care

Yentl Xuereb 



A very informative course, especially the skin's anatomy. i really enjoyed doing the practical sessions as they were very interesting and with useful tips Thanks alot for your patience, good luck and keep up your good work. :)

Pamela Gauci


Very interesting, Now i know better how to look after myself, especially my face.

Giovanna Casha



Good information, Very interesting. Wish we had more practicals

Catherine Zammit



On behalf of all the students and on my behalf, i would like to thankyou for all the talks you gave at our school. Our students found them really interesting and i'm sure you gave them some very interesting tips as to their careers.

Please accept the gift as a sign of appriciation. It is handmade by our students.

Regards and all the best

Marlene Lapira

Head of School

Il kors huwa vera interessanti. mqassam tajjeb hafna . infatti li ghogbitni hafna , ghax kellna lista ta guidelines biex b'hekk inkunu preparati x ha naghmlu u b'hekk inkunu nistghu nirevedu notes u naghmlu xi research biex b'hekk inkunu nistghu nifhmu ahjar. Nistgha nghid ukoll li kull lezzjoni kienet interessanti ghax dejjem tghallimt xi haga gdida, kemm fi praticals kif ukoll f'theories.

ms.vella ghanda pacenzja kbira, u taf tfiehem hafna ..keep it up and goodluck 4 yr carrier.

charlene bugeja

hey nice website i must say good job :)I read your profile and i am sure you will be a success.

 Jason Galea

General Manager of  S&D ltd


she is the best beautician i ever met ..i wish her all the best in her future life.

Mike Khan

Film producer Texas US


Dear Lara Bella,
 I am very sorry I had to miss today's lesson as I am nursing a torn ligament in my leg, however I want to let you know how much I am enjoying the beauty care course. I have found it to be very instructive and informative and the way you run it makes it a  very pleasant experience. Well done.
 Kindest regards
 Antoinette Scicluna
I really enjoyed the beauty course and how to take care of myself, good luck for your future!
Svetlana Psaila, Maronia Psaila
I learnt alot of things that usually i don't know and how i can take care of myself. i enjoyed alot learning ho to do makeup and ho to take care of our face. Thanks for everything
Michelle frendo
A very interesting and enjoyable beauty course. IT helped increase my knowledge in certain topics- Very useful!
Melissa Formosa
Bsc science, Dermatology
i Really enjoyed the course as i learnt various new things about every beauty subject we went through, Thanks a lot
Deborah Spiteri
It as a very interesting course, I learnt alot !
NAdezda Grima
I liked the course very much because it is very intersting, full of knowledge with lots of help of a very nice teacher. Lara spared alot of effort to explain and give us advices, practise what e learn, giving some attention to every student, very successful class, very useful time, thanks ALOT lara
Tayseer Kader
Lecturer in USA university
Language translation
Very informative course, more than i expected. woud definately find it useful in my faily life. Good to knoww about diseases ,those which are contagious and those which are not. well done!
Cheryl Falzon
Assistant Librarian/ Interior Designer
Course was very helpful in teaching us basics of skin care, makeup etc. Maybe even more practical sessions to try out more things on each other.
Claire Bonnici
Very interesting course. i wish i've done it before because now i can take more care of my face and body!
Trudy Cini
Accounts Clerk
I learnt alot how to take more care of myself, especially when it comes to my face. Very informative notes and interesting lessons, thankyou!
Mandy Cini
Office clerk
The course was very knowledge intensive and gave me a strong background in beauty related issues. This is particularily true in the case of skin care product awareness and makeup application. I also learnt alot about makeup as well, though i would have appriciated an increase alotment of time dedicated to makeup application
Maria Gatt
EU projects coordinator
I really learnt how to treat myself at home and about the layers of the skin anatomy, that i did not know beforehand. Even how to keep taking care of my skin , i learnt alot from this beauty care course.
 Adriana Debono
Waitress/ barmaid
Learnt alot about different skin types and what products are best to use accordingly. Interesting notes. Learnt more about taking care of not only my face but the whole body.
Jocelyn Cowles
Underwriting assistant

Dear Lara,

 I refer to your email;I would like to thank you too for the patience in teaching me during the whole duration of the course.I found the course very interesting and useful. I learned a lot of new things which can help me both in my everyday life and also to improve myself. I would like to thank you for preparing and distributing to us relevant information about each subject covered during the course. This information will surely be kept as a reference in the future. I found the practical parts during the course very useful because I could practice the theory learned. Moreover, the theory regarding each subject was well and clearly explained.Wish you all the best in the course in Hollywood . Keep up the good work ,Take care,



I would like to confirm that MS Vella is very knowledgable about her subject and explains in a very clear manner. She finds time to answer all our queries and findss time to explain the subject when we do not understand it immidately. I would like to confirm that Ms Vella is capable of conducting such a course

Joyce Bruguglio


Good information and guidelines of how to take more care about ourselves. If we had more practicals it would be more interesting,

Fabienne Bezzina , Student


Interesting, we covered alot of basics associated with beauty. Rather than practicals i would have liked more visuals and demostrations as sometimes it would be difficult to picture what the teacher is trying to explain. In all I enjoyed it and learnt alot.

Stephanie Bezzina , Student


Hi Lara, I would really like to thankyou for your dedication at how you are delivering the lessons. The Beauty Course i am attending is really interesting. I am finding it very useful about how you take care of your body I.E. face.. nails.. The notes are very user friendly, easy to understand and follow. Thanks alot for your patience and dedication

Roseann Attard