Beauty Expressed in Colours

by Lara Bella Vella Baldacchino

                                About Lara



Lara Bella Vella Baldacchino is a young person full of creativity, who can manage to see a person and already start creating a new image, enhancing their best features, look and feel more confident about themselves looking at the mirror.

She's had this talent from years ago, but recently this has been her focus of her study.  Lara studied and is qualified as a Complimentary ITEC beauty therapist, ITEC massage therapist, Nail technician, Qualified as Environ therapist, Specializes in Makeup for weddings, Fashion shows, body art and in film productions on high achievements.


Anatomy, medical background and sciences from her previous qualifications and knowledge, applied to her talent in beauty allow her to always give reasons for actions taken, to provide the best in our markets.


For a better perspective she took a modelling diploma international to experience first hand how models feel how everything is done on them, so she can give the best results  Lara also teaches Beauty with the Malta Education Department  for personal care at home, making students from different levels of education and variety of ages from sixteen onwards up to seventy emphasising their best features and grooming.


Make-Up is her life long target, and has worked in Fashion Shows, European Film productions (such as Agora, Gladiator and Devil's Double) American films (Hope, and Absence of Proof), music videos with Shinedown American Band, Tv shows with celebrities, Malta song for Europe, Goldwell awards main makeup artist, bodyart shows, weddings, photoshoots and would take any other challeges regarding makeup..

She  arrived back from an experience working on various large cruiseliners such as P&O Arcadia and Cunard Queen Victoria after six months travelling all over the world and working in a  multi cultural environment, and more medical skin conditions as an oxyjet specialist and Skin care specialist.   

Lara takes her career very seriously and giving her 100% of her professional education. She keeps well informed and continues her studies, work abroad around the globe to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations.

March 2010 she left Malta again to Hollywood to furthur up her talents in special effects and make her way up through the American flmling productions, she was there for nearly  five months. Now Lara is back to Malta and Europe, sharing her talent in this field.

 After all personally she is a very laughy and outgoing person who never misses out on a good laugh, or anything exciting, new or adventurous, where she manages to keep stress out of her life!